WhyDoMath nodes highlight mathematical and computational tools that can solve problems across a wide range of disciplines and emphasize exciting applications in which mathematical analysis has provided unique insights. Nodes are presented with multimedia resources and content gradually increases through to more advanced discussions of related mathematics and computational science. Each node is reviewed for accessibility at the college freshman/sophomore and popular science levels. Have an idea for a node topic? Email us at whydomath@siam.org!

WhyDoMath is aimed at college freshmen and sophomores, but should be accessible to advanced high school students and to anyone who has ever been intrigued by what mathematics can do. The intellectual excitement of mathematics and its applications is highlighted.

Nodes focus on mathematical and computational tools that can be applied across a wide range of disciplines and emphasize exciting areas in which mathematics has provided key insights. Each node is refereed and carefully edited for accuracy, style, and accessibility.

WhyDoMath also includes several additional resources: a Reading Room containing general-interest articles about mathematics and its applications; a Careers Section featuring links to career sites of mathematics and computational science organizations, including SIAM; and an annotated resource section consisting of links to other mathematical science websites with information of further interest.

Nodes should meet three criteria: first, mathematics and computational science should be featured prominently; second, the area being discussed should be important and accessible at the popular science level; and third, the application should describe a success story in which the mathematical sciences played a significant role. Ideas for contributions can be sent to whydomath@siam.org. Please contact us before you start working on your node.

People Involved
WhyDoMath is the brainchild of SIAM's former President Marty Golubitsky, Ohio State University, with assistance from Project Co-Director Hinke Osinga, University of Bristol, as well as former Co-Director and current Consultant Katherine Socha, St. Mary's College of Maryland. The WhyDoMath Steering Committee consists of Chris Budd, Royal Institution of Great Britain; John Burns, Virginia Tech; and Peter Turner, Clarkson University. The WhyDoMath Technical Committee consists of the following SIAM staff members: James Crowley, Executive Director; David Marshall, Publisher; Donna Witzleben, Production Manager; Michelle Montgomery, Director, Marketing and Sales; Heather Blythe, Project Manager; James Haines, Online Content Coordinator; and Justin Courts, Programmer.

About SIAM
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community of over 11,000 individual members, including applied and computational mathematicians, computer scientists, and other scientists and engineers. The Society advances the fields of applied mathematics and computational science by publishing a series of premier journals and a variety of books, sponsoring a wide selection of conferences, and through various other programs, including WhyDoMath. SIAM’s goal with this project is to inspire students to study and pursue careers in applied mathematics and computational science. More information about SIAM is available at www.siam.org.

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